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Will we ever get Battlefront 3?

Nearly five years ago Star Wars Battlefront 2 came out and immediately had fans divided. Many didn't like the use of microtransactions while others didn't like the general lack of content, the sequel to the massively popular first game was not off to a good start. It might come as a surprise to here that the game that had people calling for boycotts on EA then went on to be one of the biggest video game redemption since No Man's Sky. Microtransactions were removed for everything but cosmetics, a free season pass with a substantial number of maps and characters was put in place and the community as thriving. You would think that Battlefront 2's revival might lead to a threequel but this is where it gets complicated.

EA officially loses the rights to Star Wars in 2023. This doesn't mean no more EA games, there's still a Jedi: Fallen Order sequel in the works, but it does mean that either the rights will have to be renewed which is highly unlikely or that they'll have to be renewed on a game by game basis. This means that our best chance of getting a Battlefront 3 announcement will come at some point this year, should it be left any later the chance of any announcement will become increasingly slim. With E3 coming up we're entering the prime window for major game announcements so if any sort of news is to come out it'll likely be within the next few months.

To me it would make no sense not to continue the Battlefront series, unless it were to be replaced. That replacement could come in the form of Respawn's upcoming first person shooter, we know it's not Battlefront 3 but there's every chance that it could serve to fill that void. Respawn have two other Star Wars projects in the works and with the Titanfall series being so popular there's a very good chance that we could see one of them be very similar to Titanfall (and by extension Apex Legends).

With all of this being said, Battlefront 2 still has an active community so there's every chance that they'll just leave the servers open and allow players to continue playing that rather than devote the time and resources to a new game while the last one is still so popular. The ending of active support and updates does make me think that this isn't necessarily the thinking though and that actually they're just winding down the series to move onto newer properties. With only a two year gap between the first and second game of the series and a six year minimum gap between the second and a potential third it's beginning to look like the opportunity for a new game might have passed.

Despite all evidence pointing to the opposite, I have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of the Battlefront series. I don't know what it is, I guess I just feel it in the force, but after the massively positive upturn in Battlefront 2 I think that by 2023 the status of the series will definitely be clarified and I think it could be positive. It's only so long before we have it confirmed either way, often investors meetings and expos hold the key information so keep an eye out for them and as always I'll keep you updated right here.

If you are a fan of the Battlefront games (both new and old) then you might be interested in next week's episode of the cloven hoof podcast where we'll be covering the best Star Wars games to coincide with the release of Kenobi.

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