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What's happening on Cloven Hoof in April?

In April there's a major change coming to Cloven Hoof! I'll be teaming up with Alfie Deverell of the smash hit album Malaga to Paris fame to bring you a podcast, we decided what the internet really needs is two more loud white guys telling everyone what they think.

We're kicking the Cloven Hoof Podcast off at the start of the month with an episode on all things Morbius and all things The Oregon Trail (yes the 1971 text-based game, check out the episode next month to find out why). We'll be dropping a new episodes every two weeks with Fantastic Beasts 3, Moon Knight, and Kenobi all to be covered!

It won't be replacing the regular articles so don't worry but for things like the Batman Spoiler Discussion earlier this month you'll have to check the podcast out.

You can sign up on the members page to get every article and episode straight to your email in April.

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