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The 10 most anticipated movies and games of February 2022

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

February is right around the corner and as always a new month means new movies, games, and TV shows to look forward to. Narrowing the releases down to the 10 most anticipated is extremely difficult so it's not exactly a rigid and definitive list but just more of a guide of some of the things to look forward to.

February is a little dry in the way of movies so only one makes this list but that isn't to say that every month's list will be so video game heavy.

So in no particular order at all let's get into it:

Uncharted (movie)

This is one that I am looking forward to more than I think almost anyone else. I'm a huge fan of the Uncharted series and have been wanting a movie or a series for a very long time. While I think Mark Wahlberg as Sully is an absolute crime against humanity, unlike most I am on board with Tom Holland as a younger Nathan Drake. I'm not so sure that this will be technically a great movie by any means but it's sure to be a lot of fun and will be great to see for any fan of the franchise.

Sifu (game)

Sifu is a game that has very little hype surrounding it right now. Sloclap mastered the martial arts game genre with the release of Absolver in 2017 and is back again with the single player kung fu game Sifu. Unlike Absolver, Sifu is fully single player and follows a more rigid linear story so that the studio could focus on gameplay rather than the logistics of having a game run fully online. The Chinese setting is not only perfect for the subject in hand but will also guarantee that the game is going to be one to play for visuals and setting alone. Sifu is a game that will be well worth checking out in early February.

Horizon Forbidden West (game)

Horizon Forbidden West shouldn't be on this list, it should be on a games of 2021 list but it was heavily impacted by the pandemic and pushed back to February 18th 2022. This game has been very anticipated since it was announced back in June 2020 and has kept that hype right up until now. It's sure to live up to the expectations too after how well Horizon Zero Dawn performed both critically and commercially. A good sequel would nail this franchise down as one of the top tier PlayStation exclusives. From what we've seen the robot filled California inspired map is absolutely huge, the graphics are stunning and the gameplay looks like it has only been improved since Horizon Zero Dawn back in 2017.

Elden Ring (game)

FromSoftware is most known for pioneering in the world of Action RPGs with Dark Souls and Bloodborne so it's very easy to see why there is so much excitement for Elden Ring. The studio teamed up with George R.R. Martin to create their first open world game ever, this alone makes Elden Ring an extremely interesting prospect. Character customisation is said to be better than ever before both for how they look and how they play so for those of you that like to play a specific way will be right at home in Elden Ring. This game can't come soon enough for any RPG open world fan.

GRID Legends (game)

Codemasters have been showing for years that they are a top racing game developer. The Formula 1 games are easily the best representation of that particular sport and are hugely popular. But the GT racing and touring car racing series GRID (formerly TOCA) has been largely forgotten despite the fact that every installment is up there with the best racing games of the time. GRID isn't necessarily a racing simulator and is more in line with games like Forza or Driveclub rather than Granturismo (another game I'm hugely looking forward to) but that almost adds to the fun especially when racing online with friends. GRID Legends will be a great game to pick up for any fan of any kind of racing game but will also serve as a great entry point if driving games are something you would like to get into.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection (game)

Life is Strange is another game that maybe doesn't need a remaster, the graphical style of these games is timeless and the gameplay is too. But these games are criminally underrated and a remaster gives an opportunity for anyone that hasn't seen them before to give them a go. This collection includes both "Life is Strange" and "Life is Strange: Before the Storm" (the second of which I've not actually completed myself) with engine upgrades, graphical updates and refined gameplay. If you've played them before then maybe this isn't for you but for anyone looking for a new story to get lost in this collection should be on your list.

OlliOlli World (game)

OlliOlli World is a little different to every other game on this list. This indie title is the third in the 2D-platforming Skateboard series. It takes place in Radlandia, a place that is seemingly mad for skateboarding and is constructed specifically for making the craziest jumps, tricks, and grinds possible. This game looks to be perfect for anyone that doesn't want anything too serious this month and just wants a friendly looking and easy to play game. OlliOlli World has all the makings of an absolute classic platformer so keep your eyes open for this one.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human (game)

Dying Light 2 is the long awaited sequel to parkour zombie game Dying Light. The sequel stars Rosario Dawson and promises to be bigger and better than the original. The main concept stays the same with both parkour and zombies being front and center, this time out combat has been revamped making it more brutal than ever before (great if you're a player but not so great if you're a zombie). It's basically just more of the same but for the next generation of consoles, which means February will be a great month for zombie game fans.

Assassin's Creed Ezio collection for Nintendo Switch (game)

This is a bit of a cheap addition to this list since it's not only a collection that has already released on other consoles but before that they were also released separately for different consoles before that. But I'm a huge a fan of the (classic original recipe) Assassin's Creed franchise and the Ezio Auditors games are possibly the best of the series. I'm also a big fan of the switch so any new releases for that are always welcome and I for one am looking forward to diving back into these games in a handheld format.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (game expansion)

This one is neither a game or a movie, it's an expansion pack. If you're like me you probably haven't dived into Destiny 2 for a long while as there hasn't been all that much reason to, but this might change things. The Witch Queen is the first new expansion for a long while and it not only adds story and missions but it will also be bringing gameplay and interface changes with it. Exactly what the latter changes will be is not entirely clear, but it will likely be fairly major changes given that this looks to be a pretty hefty add on and not just a throw away dungeon raid. Whatever it entails, this Destiny 2 DLC will be the perfect excuse to get back into the game after all this time.

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