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Oscars Predictions for 2022

It's Oscars time baby.

I, like everyone else, have no interest in the Oscars, but I needed to write an article to fill the gap to Moon Knight and Morbius (the two reasons for no article yesterday). The Oscars are tonight and so I thought it was prime opportunity to give my predictions. Maybe not predicitons, we all know there's a lot of politics and weird PR moves that go into picking the winner so maybe I'll just pick what I think should win, and if I don't have any clue I'll guess. How does that sound? Good? Let's do it.

Best Picture:

Dune feels like the obvious choice here. I don't think it will win, it will likely be The Power of the Dog, but I want it to and I've tricked myself into believing that it might. It won't, but it might, I want to believe that it will. My actual prediciton is The Power of the Dog, but let's pretend I said Dune.

Best Actress:

The Eyes of Tammy Faye might not be the best film ever and Jessica Chastain maybe wasn't the best casting decision of all time but the Oscars love biopics and she did put in a very good performance. If Rami Malek won the Oscar for Bohemian Rhapsody then Jessica Chastain will win this one.

Best Actor:

Tick Tick Boom is a film I probably wouldn't have thought would be great but it is. Tick Tick Boom is a film I'd recommend to anyone and Andrew Garfield's performance as Jonathon Larsson is the reason for that. It's better than Rami Malek's very good performance as Freddie Mercury four years ago and so deserves an Oscar to back this up. Yes there have been many great performances this year, maybe some better, but to learn to sing, play piano, dance, and still put in a great performance is something worthy of some awards.

Best Director:

Paul Thomas Anderson is probably going to win this one. I haven't seen Liqorice Pizza (I haven't yet had the time to check it out) but critics love it and that's good enough for me. There's a very good chance that Jane Campion could win it for directing The Power of the Dog and to be honest I only didn't pick is because I'm not sure how well it would go down in the court of public opinion after her weird weird comments (even if they were well intentioned) towards the Williams sisters recently and we all know the Oscars very much runs on how the public will take things.

Original Screenplay:

See the previous entry. I can see Liquorice Pizza doing well at this years Oscars.

Adapted Screenplay

It's Dune again. Everyone loves Dune, everyone wants a sequel, and I want it to win an Oscar. I figure if I just say it will win in every category I might be able to manifest a Dune cleansweep at tonight's Oscars.

Best Supporrting Actor:

Best supporting actor is inevitably going to go to either Jesse Plemons (who's been quietly turning in good performances for years) or Kodi Smit-Mcphee and both would be fully deserving. The Power of the Dog will get an Oscar for something and if nothing else it'll be for it's supporting actors.

Best Supporting Actress:

I picked Kirsten Dunst for this one purely because of the hideously unfair cancellation of On Becoming a God in Central Florida season 2. Give her an Oscar to make up for it. It will probably go to Ariana DeBose for West Side Story and it would be deserved but I'm on team Kirsten Dunst for aforementioned reasons.

Best Cinematography

Is there any other choice? It's Dune. Every Denis Villeneuve movie deserves an Oscar for best cinematography. I don't need to argue my case, we've all seen Dune, you all know how good it looks.

Did you know how many Oscars categories there were? Be honest. Everyone knows about the major categories but there are just so many. I'm going to cut it short and we'll go for best animated film, best visual effects, and best score. Sorry for the avid Oscars fans that love all categories, I'm trying to write a Moon Knight review alongside this so I can't sit here and trawl through 100 more categories.

Best Animated Film:

Encanto will probably win this one. Maybe there are other movies that deserve it more and I think it would be quite cool to see The Mitchells vs. the Machines win it but Encanto is globally loved and almost every Disney animation is top tier so I wouldn't be surprised to see it win best animation at all.

Best Visual Effects:

Should I just make a Dune slideshow? Spider-Man No Way Home's CGI was a little ropey in places (Flash Thompson at a blue screen party or weird wide-neck Andrew Garfield) and that's everyone's popular choice so with that gone we're left with Dune and Shang-Chi as the two probable choices. It has to be Dune. I'm dead serious about this one, if it's not Dune then a crime has been comitted.

Best Score:

I don't care how good any score was this year, Kid Cudi could win an Oscar. In fact I'd go so far as to say that Kid Cudi will win an Oscar. Admittedly he only features on the score of Don't Look Up a little bit but that's good enough for me. It's Kid Cudi Oscar time baby! That being said, if it doesn't go to Don't Look Up then give it to Dune, obviously.

That wraps us up for today. There hasn't been article for a hot minute so this is just a little stop gap to keep you going until the Moon Knight review on Tuesday. Remember to sign up to get notifications for all of the many great things coming to Cloven Hoof this month!

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