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OlliOlli World review

OlliOlli World is part of a dying form of entertainment, it's pure fun. It's a game that requires almost no actual thought or skill too, there are tricks to learn but you never actually have to do them (unless you want to earn more customization options) .

Visually OlliOlli World is great, it looks like a 2.5D episode of Adventure Time. I'd say the same for this as I said in my Sifu review. Sometimes games are better off for picking a distinct graphical style, that isn't to say that this is always the case but for this game it definitely is. Part of the charm of OlliOlli World is exactly this, it's so visually pleasing. Taking something that is portrayed in games like Skate and Tony Hawk pro skater as being a bit grim and grey and then flipping that on its head is a genius move. The same goes for all of the weird and whacky characters, it's unique and that's great.

With OlliOlli World being just the latest in a series of games you might wonder if you have to play the others first the great thing is that you don't need to. The tutorials are completely unobtrusive but will bring you up to speed in no time at all (they're completely skippable too). Controls are so easy and work so well that you'll literally be playing without thinking after your first few runs.

I do get that this might all sound a bit easy, maybe you want to think about what you're doing while you play. This is where challenges come in, every run has a set of three challenges and score objectives to keep you on your toes, you can ignore them completely as you only stand to recommend cosmetic items but I would highly recommend at least attempting them. The challenges will keep you playing too, you'll want to keep going back to complete them and the great thing is if you complete one objective of three and then restart or quit before finishing it'll save it for you.

Customization is amazing. You can create a bright green alien or you can make yourself and everything in between. You begin with a sizeable set of options and that only grows as you move through the game. Cosmetics and customization isn't for everyone but with this one I think that it might be, I think everyone will have fun making their character look just how they want.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about OlliOlli World, for what it is it's perfect. Genuinely, I cannot think of a single criticism for it. It helps that it occupies a niche, like I said in my last review the rating I give it can't neccessarily be compared to the rating I give anything else.

This score was also predetermined from the moment I found out about the Danny Trejo cameo (look out for that one). OlliOlli World is Cloven Hoof's first perfect 10! I'd highly recommend it, maybe when it's on offer (it isn't going to be a cultural landmark you need to get immediately), everyone will find some fun in this game and it's definitely worth playing.

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