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Morbius Review

Oh man, it's here.

Morbius is a movie... That's about all I can say right now. It's not hideously and offensively bad but it's bad. Morbius is the most empty nothing film I've ever seen and that's saying a lot because I've seen Now You See Me and Fantastic Beasts 2.

The script and action feel like they were ripped straight out of a direct to DVD 2006 movie or an extended deleted scene from Blade. The setting is bland and uninspired, Costa Rica feels like a soundstage (which it obviously is but it shouldn't feel like it), and New York is just grey and wet. I know that not every movie has to have its own distinct style or colour pallet but no movie should be this dull and boring in tone and visuals.

The acting isn't terrible admittedly but equally nobody is really given anything to do. Every character is just a bit boring and nobody really has anything to do of any interest, everyone is kind of just there. Credit to everyone though for enduring Jared Leto's ridiculous on-set behaviour in the name of a completely mid performance.

And oh boy don't even get me started on those beyond awful post credit scenes.

Now I could say a lot more and I mean a lot more like 45 minutes worth of conversation more. If that's what you want then I have great news. The day after this review releases (the 31st of March) we will be releasing the Cloven Hoof podcast where we will be talking in depth about Morbius and all of the crazy (not good crazy) stuff that happens in it along with some talk about the classic game The Oregon Trail. If that sounds good to you then click here and hit subscribe to get notified the minute the episode comes out.

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